Charity Foundation programs in Cyprus


The International Charity Fund Parimatch Foundation has been operating in Cyprus since 2019.

Our major programs implemented in the country have a single mission — to support children and young people in their development through sports. We believe that sports give a person of any age and status a chance to develop confidence.

In addition to our core activities, the Fund provided life and health protecting goods for people during the pandemic. And since 2022, it has been supporting displaced persons who had to leave Ukraine through war.

3 programs and one project of the Fund are actively operating in Cyprus:
• Boost4best — Cyprus young Olympians support program
• Sports Mentor — a comprehensive program that helps children, regardless of their life circumstances, develop confidence, as well as physical and social skills through sports.
• Yes, I can — a comprehensive program to support children with disabilities through their involvement in sports.
• B-right — a project that aims to educate people about human rights using the game of basketball.


The International Charity Fund Parimatch Foundation, the Children’s Commissioner and the Peace Players Cyprus organization launched the B-RIGHT project, which includes a series of basketball events dedicated to promotion of children rights. Development of a detailed program of basketball events is the result of cooperation between the above-mentioned organizations.

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Yes, I can

A comprehensive program aimed at supporting children with disabilities and mental developmental disorders by introducing them to sports.

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Sports Mentor

Sports Mentor is a comprehensive program to help children develop confidence, physical and social skills through sports.

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Cyprus’s Support of Ukraine

When you find yourself in a foreign land in time of war, it is important to regain a lost sense of security, cope with stress and find new friends. And sports will help here. Therefore, CF Parimatch Foundation has started some initiatives for children to distract them from the surrounding reality.

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