Offline training "Introduction to inclusive education in physical education lessons"

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On June 5-6, 2021, a three-day offline training "Introduction to inclusive education in physical education lessons" was held

The training was attended by 64 teachers who received certificates and plan to open 5 inclusive groups for children in their communities in the near future.

Training topics:

  • Visualization for teachers: physical education
  • Emotions and behaviors for effective communication
  • An introduction to inclusive training
  • Types of resources and ways of attracting. Volunteering and synergy
  • Rock climbing. Development of climbing infrastructure in schools
  • Socialization of players of an inclusive team by means and methods of floorball
  • Inclusion in floorball, world practice
  • Creation of conditions for social adaptation of people with disabilities
  • Active play as a means of integrating children in an inclusive classroom
  • Adaptive fitness in physical education lessons in inclusion


The Foundation thanks everyone for their time and experience and looks forward to new participants at the next trainings!


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